Korean Netizens Reaction After BTS Returns to Top Billboard's HOT 100 in Week 5
BTS once again made netizens proud in Korea with the achievement of their song 'Dynamite' on Billboard's HOT 100 chart.

On Tuesday (09/29) this morning, Billboard released a list of the top 10 rankings on the most prestigious HOT 100 chart. BTS, which two weeks ago shifted and remained in 2nd place on the chart, crept up again, shifting Cardi B's 'WAP'.

With this, BTS managed to rank first on Billboard's HOT 100 chart for a total of 3 weeks, where in the first and second week the boy groups have managed to rank first, and by the 5th week they are back in the top rankings.

The achievements of Big Hit Entertainment's boy group, of course, were immediately flooded with praise, not only from fans but also from netizens in Korea. Various netizens in Korea through the online forum The Qoo expressed their praise and admiration by writing comments,

"Really makes goosebumps,"

"Wow, this is really crazy"

"Oh my God, what's going on? Daebak! I'm really proud!"

"I'm really proud of BTS as a Korean citizen, and I want to thank them."

"Really? Is this possible?"  said netizens who seemed not to believe in the success achieved by BTS. (www.onkpop.com)

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