Kim Hyung Jun is Free From Being Accused of Sexual Harassment of a Woman
According to the SDKB agency, on September 29th, Kim Hyung Jun was reported to have cleared all false accusations filed by a woman with the initials 'A' in March 2019.

Last year, 'A' filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyung Jun claiming that they were acquainted about 10 years ago, and Kim Hyung Jun sexually harassed her at 'A' 's house.

Kim Hyung Jun then filed a counterclaim against 'A', claiming all charges were false and demanding arrest for defamation. Then, in June 2019, the prosecution rejected 'A's lawsuit against Kim Hyung Jun because the sexual harassment on the basis of the lawsuit did not have enough evidence.

Now, about a year and 6 months later, the court has found woman 'A' guilty of making false accusations in her lawsuit and defaming Kim Hyung Jun.

Therefore the court sentenced 'A' to 8 months in prison on September 25th. (

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