BTS' V Appears on PSY's Instagram, Here's the Reaction of Korean Netizens
BTS' V recently shocked his fans after appearing on PSY's Instagram account. On Monday (09/21), the founder of P NATION uploaded some of his photos with V.

In the photo PSY and V show their closeness, as V appears to be hugging PSY intimately. Seeing the photo, Korean netizens immediately gave their various comments. Some say that the two of them looks like a husband and wife, so that some say they are like father and son.

Like the comments of Korean netizens seen on theqoo site:

"They look like women who married a rich boss in China, hahaha,"

"A rich boss in China and a student from Italy, hahaha,"

"Wow, V looks really cute,"

"PSY looks like his father, hahaha,"

"PSY is like a boss in China who is taking photos with his favorite singer,"
and various other comments. (

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me & v 1231 & 1230 🥳

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