Ailee Will Comeback in October with Ballad Song
Ailee will comeback in October. After previously circulating rumors that Ailee would make a comeback in October, the agency then confirmed the news by making a statement.

“Ailee will comeback on October 6th. She will take over the hearts of the public with a ballad suitable for a fall night."

In addition, the agency Rocket 3 Entertainment through the official Twitter account also announced the title of the singer's comeback mini album 'I'm' and the title track 'When We Were In Love' along with the release date for October 6th, 2020 at 6 p.m. KST.

We can also see the dreamy concept teaser photo that shows Ailee posing charmingly holding flowers with a gentle gaze. This will be Ailee's comeback for the first time since joining her new agency Rocket 3 in September 2019. (

Ailee Will Comeback in October with Ballad Song


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