Just 3 Months Debut, This Woo! Ah! Member was Confirmed Left The Group
One of the members of Woo! Ah!, Songyee has been declared to leave the group. This news was announced directly by NV Entertainment through their official statement on Friday (08/14).

NV Entertainment said, “Songyee has decided to left Woo! Ah! for personal reasons. We would like to clarify that this decision was taken after having a long discussion with the artist and her parents, and after obtaining an agreement by both parties."

As a result, Woo! Ah! from now on will carry out their promotional activities with five members, namely Nana, Wooyeon, Sora, Minseo, and Lucy.

The news of Songyee's departure from the group came only three months since Woo! Ah! made their debut with their first mini album "Exclamation" in May. (www.onkpop.com)

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