Goo Hara's Biological Mother Says That She Feels Unfairly Treated by Her Son
Hara's mother revealed how she was treated unfairly by Hara's sibling, Hoin. In TV Chosun's interview with Hara's mother, she said, “Hoin doesn't know my past at all. I know it's because he told people that I left because I committed adultery."

When the reporter asked again, "Are you saying that he's young so he doesn't know what's going on?"

She said, “He doesn't know. Hoin and Hara don't know what I've been through. I'm leaving so I can live. They blame me for what happened to Hara. I understood that I should have taken Hara with me, but I didn't."

When asked why she never contacted them until 2017, she explained that she was sick. That's why she also tried to take half of Hara's inheritance.

She explained that her older sister ordered her to after she heard advice from a lawyer. Her older sister said, “It has to be done by law. She wasn't born only through her father, right? Obviously both parties have to get it."

Hara's mother further explained that she disagreed with Goo Hara's Law, saying, “Hoin told a one-sided story. He said that I left them and then I suddenly showed up for money, but it wasn't really that. Every family has a reason and everyone has something to say. I have things I want to say, but I don't say anything." (

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