Giant Pink Announces About Her Marriage
Giant Pink has announced that she will be delaying the wedding through her Instagram Feed platform. As previously reported, she is scheduled to get married on September 23rd. However, due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 in South Korea the marriage had to be postponed.

On August 23rd, the rapper posted a photo of herself in a hanbok suit and announced, “I have postponed my marriage! Meanwhile, why does this hanbok look pretty?"

In the picture, Giant Pink is seen wearing a black and white hanbok plus traditional white shoes and hair tied into a braid bun decorated with intricate hairpins.

Luckily, her followers on Instagram have responded to this news positively, some also leaving a number of compliments for her hanbok appearance. Also one of the winners of “Miss Trot” and the popular trot singer, Song Ga In left a sweet message with writing. "Very pretty."

Meanwhile, on the same day, the amount of confirmed cases in South Korea rose by 397, with 138 of them located in Seoul. (

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