EVERGLOW Performing at Korean Military Event, Yuehua Entertainment is Warned by the Chinese Government
Yuehua Entertainment received a reprimand from the Chinese government after their girl group EVERGLOW appeared at a South Korean military event. Back in June last year, EVERGLOW appeared as one of the girl groups performing at the South Korean military entertainment concert.

Although appearances like this are fairly common for K-Pop girl groups, their agency, Yuehua Entertainment, received a warning from the Beijing Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Unit.

This punitive reprimand was for companies violating laws that prohibit performances or exhibitions that harm national and personal honor, including those showing support for foreign militaries.

The repercussions of this are so concerning to fans as penalties range from warnings to fines or even suspension. Even if it is serious, EVERGLOW will lose the right to participate in foreign cultural activities.

Until now, no news regarding the sentence has been released to the public. Since the time of their debut, EVERGLOW has made appearances at military events twice. (www.onkpop.com)

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