Dara Shows Great Vocals in the 'Like A Dream' Teaser Video
Dara has released a teaser video for her upcoming cover single and thanking fans for the faithfulness to keep waiting.

On August 30th, the former 2NE1 member tweeted on her personal Twitter account, announcing the release of a teaser video for Ben's cover single titled 'Like A Dream', a popular ballad that sing the soundtrack of the drama 'Another Oh Hae Young. '.

She wrote, “I can't believe that the cover video for 'Like A Dream' that I've been preparing since March will come out in August. I was busy appearing on 'Another Oh Hae Young', and it became too late because I did some revision footage here and there and some re-shoots."

Less than an hour later, she wrote another tweet featuring a short teaser video, in which she appeared emotional as she performed the cover song.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the full video of “Like A Dream” which will be sung by Dara again released on August 31st, here is the teaser video for Dara's performance below. (www.onkpop.com)

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