COVID-19 Case Increase, IU Asked Fans To 'Stay At Home'
Recently, South Korea has an increase in COVID-19 cases and is affecting the South Korean entertainment industry. This incident caught the attention of the famous South Korean soloist, IU, and asked fans to do something to ease it.

On August 22nd, IU uploaded a message on her Instagram story platform. In the upload, IU post a simple text with a black background behind it.

In her writing, IU gave the message, "Who wants to do the 'home-based child' challenge today, tomorrow, and weekend?" and closed with an emoji of someone raising their hand indicating that IU will follow the challenge.

This message from IU came after news of the spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in South Korea. IU has also been running the 'Homebody Signal' series on YouTube since the social distancing act began.

Of course this series was created to entertain fans who are implementing the 'stay at home' act. (

COVID-19 Case Increase, IU Asked Fans To 'Stay At Home'

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