BTS 'Dynamite' MV Lost 13 Million Views, ARMY Complained to YouTube
After achieve various accomplishments with the new MV "Dynamite", BTS and ARMY have again lost up to the 10 of millions of views that happened recently.

When stepping on the number of views around 133 million views on YouTube, BTS' latest MV for their song, which is entirely in English, experienced a significant reduction in views to 120 million views.

This is felt by most fans in various countries who continue to monitor and stream their idol group comeback music videos.

After finding YouTube again removing some of the BTS MV views, ARMY immediately rushed to ask for an explanation to the official YouTube account.

One of them is a Twitter account with the username @trbangtanjimin and @RizeOT7addict below which recorded the significant reduction in the number of 'Dynamite' views and asked for clarity and solutions from YouTube officials.

Incidents like this are believed by ARMY have often happened in BTS MVs, one of which is the 'ON' MV which was released last February 27th, but YouTube at that time clarified that views slowing down, freeze until adjusted are normal as their following tweet.

Meanwhile, BTS' 'Dynamite' MV has broken the various records that BLACKPINK had previously broken, namely by becoming the video with the highest amount of views in 24 hours since its release, until the video that reached the fastest 100 million views.

What do you think about the incidence of deleting views on this BTS video? (

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