Ahead of The Comeback, HyunA Revealed Her Weight
As fans know, soloist from P-Nation, HyunA will make her comeback this year. Even though she haven't released an official teaser yet, her boss and boyfriend, Psy and Dawn, have shown several leaked photos and videos of HyunA while filming, making fans even more convinced that Hyuna will be comeback soon.

In Psy's upload, he shows HyunA who is on set and gives a little leak of the choreography of her latest MV. Dawn also uploaded a photo of his girlfriend posing sexy with a watermelon red background.

HyunA herself also gave some leaks in the form of a video of herself on the set. On August 11th, Hyuna revealed to fans about her weight in a recent post on Instagram. The photo shows a weight scale showing that the idol weighs 47.3 kg and is 164 cm tall.

In the previous year, HyunA worried fans by revealing that she weighs 44kg. Now it seems that the idol has decided to tighten and strengthen her muscles for this comeback. (www.onkpop.com)

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