The Latest Episode of The Drama ‘Good Casting’ Returns to Get The Highest Rating
The latest drama 'Good Casting' again received a high rating. On Tuesday (05/05) yesterday the drama 'Good Casting' aired the newest episode on SBS television station.

Based on data cited from Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of 'Good Casting' received an average rating of 8.7% and 11.1%.

The rating is 1.3% higher than the previous episode and ‘Good Casting’ returned to the highest rated drama on Tuesday night.

While the drama "Born Again" on KBS2 received an average rating of 2.4% and 2.9% for both parts, down to 0.4% from the previous episode.

While the two-episode drama 'Mothers', which premiered last Monday, has aired the last episode on tvN with rating 3.2%. (
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