Oh My Girl Get Their 1st Win for 'NONSTOP', Congratulations!
Oh My Girl finally got the 1st trophy for their new song, 'NONSTOP'. This trophy was won by Oh My Girl in the latest episode of 'The Show' which aired on Tuesday (05/05).

In today's episode of 'The Show', Oh My Girl's 'NONSTOP' song ranked 1st after getting a total score of 8631 points. Oh My Girl beat APRIL who got 3720 points for the song 'LALALILALA' and GWSN with the song 'BAZOOKA!' Which won a total score of 2278 points.

This is the first trophy that was successfully obtained by Oh My Girl since a comeback with a mini album and main song 'NONSTOP'.

Congratulations to Oh My Girl! (www.onkpop.com)

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