After the Birth of His 1st Child, Chen is More Pressed to Leave EXO
EXO's Chen got a lot of criticism from his fans in Korea after the birth of his first child. One of this EXO member is currently in a happy atmosphere for welcoming the birth of his 1st child. Many fans who rollicking to congratulate him.

But not a few fans who have felt disappointed because they think Chen had lied to the wife's gestational age when the controversy exploded in early January and made negative comments, even to the point of urging the idol to out from the group that raised his name.

The majority of South Koreans citizens who are still conservative deplored Chen who was ensnared by the issue of pregnancy out of wedlock, until he became a father before do the mandatory military.

Many netizens also voiced their opinions by writing, "Fans want him out, so I don't understand why SM insisted on keeping it! Why are there fans who want to spend money on a lying idol who is married."

"He won't last long. Fans not only don't want to spend money on him anymore but also don't want to see him. He must leave before things become even more sad for him."

"If you are planning not only marriage but also having children, don't you at least think of giving up on EXO?"
and many other negative comments.

However, Chen had previously expressed his sincere apologies in writing to the fans. (
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