YG Entertainment Allegedly Gives Billions of Bribes to Stop Journalists from Reporting This Two Seungri's Cases
According to an exclusive report from SBS FunE, suspicion once again arises that YG Entertainment gave 100 million Won in cash to a journalist identified as "Kim", who was preparing to publish an article about Seungri's drunk driving case and drug case in 2017.

In February 2019, it was reported by a media outlet that YG Entertainment paid 100 million Won, but YG denied the allegations. In addition, journalist "Kim" vowed to take legal action against media outlets reporting the news because misinformation had spread.

But there are many detailed evidemces from others that the 'Kim' journalist personally told them about the money he received from YG Entertainment. A friend (or A) of 'Kim' told SBS FunE how 'Kim' told 'A' that 'Kim' received money that was put into two bags.

"Former journalist 'Kim' clearly said how he got 2 bags of bread full of money at the playground. There were also other people who heard him say this. He said, 'Maybe because the money was in the form of a 50,000 won denomination, but it wasn't as much as I thought'. He even boasted about how he would go home and count it with his wife," said the witness "A".

"'Kim' personally said how he received 100 million Won. He said he would use the money to repay the Jeonse loan he took when he moved to Mokdong. I heard YG Entertainment first offered 10 million Won and he refused, but accept when they offer 100 million. 'Kim' says that they have a lot of money so they should raise the offer. 'Kim' wants to fight Yang Hyun Suk to the end, but Yang Min Suk comes in and helps negotiate,"
said witnesses 'B'.

"Without asking, 'Kim' boasted that he received 100 million Won from YG. He also took out his cellphone and showed what appeared to be their agreement. The amount in the agreement was not exactly 100 million Won, but it was closer to 90 million," said witness 'C'.

Finally, the 4th acquaintance revealed his experience. "When 'Kim' talked about the 100 million Won he got from YG Entertainment, he said he didn't get it from YG, but from Boss Won," witnesses 'D' said.

Boss Won is believed to be Won Young Shik, a big name in the stock trading industry close to Yang Hyun Suk. While 'Kim' threatened to take legal action against the media outlets that first reported the news, it was confirmed by SBS FunE that after more than 13 months, no legal action had been taken.

SBS FunE has requested YG Entertainment's statement regarding this situation, but has not received a response. An attorney commented on the sentence 'Kim' might face if the allegations were proven to be true.

"If the suspicion is true, just bribery violates Article 8 of the Kim Young Ran (Anti-Bribery) law. He can receive up to 3 years in prison and 30 million Won fine. If this turns out to be related to his work, then the sentence will be more severe. Also, if it is recognized that he actually received a large amount of money for not publishing articles, it could be considered professional negligence, which carries a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 10 million won," attorney Na Hyun Ho said. (www.onkpop.com)
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