Yuehua Entertainment Kick This Trainee Out After Arrested for Fraud Case
A trainee from Yuehua Entertainment named Huang Zhibo was recently arrested for committing fraud. According to Chinese media reports the trainee was arrested on February 5th after involved in a fraud case selling masks.

Currently in China is experiencing a mask crisis, due to the corona virus outbreak. At that time Huang Zhibo had received payment online from a mask buyer, but he did not appear at the location he had promised and did not give the mask to the buyer.

It was stated that Huang Zhibo had committed a fraud by pretending to sell masks to scoop around 280 thousand Yuan. Reportedly, Huang Zhibo is currently being questioned at the police station as a result of the action.

A representative from Yuehua Entertainment said, "It is true that Huang Zhibo was involved in this fraud case. However, we have already ended the contract with him." In addition, Yuehua Entertainment also conveyed their apologies to the public.

Huang Zhibo had previously participated in the 'All for One' survival program and was ranked 9th in the program. Now also he has more than 180 thousand followers on Weibo. (www.onkpop.com)

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