X1 Members Not Yet Paid Since Debut Until Disband, This is Mnet's Comment
CJ ENM and Mnet responded to the report stating X1 members still had not received their payment. In an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports on Monday (02/17), X1 members still haven't been paid even though the group was disbanded 42 days ago.

The report also said that several agencies from each of the X1 members had tried to contact CJ ENM to claim their payment, but had not received a response till now.

When confirmed, representatives from Mnet commented, "We continue to have discussions with each agency regarding payment of X1 members. We plan to send payments to each agency starting today."

X1 is a boy group made by 'Produce X101' which debuted in August 2019. However, due to the voting manipulation controversy, the boy group was finally dissolved in January 2020, only a few months after they debuted. (www.onkpop.com)

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