Revealed, Ha Jung Woo Was The Actor Who Was Caught Using Propofol By Using His Brother's Name
Finally revealed the identity of the South Korean actor who uses propofol using his brother's name
Previously Channel A reported that there was a famous movie actor who used propofol at least 10 times in a plastic surgery clinic.

The actor reportedly uses this propofol drug using the name of his younger brother, who is also a celebrity.

Now on Tuesday (02/18) South Korean media said Kim Sung Hoon is an actor who uses propofol using the name Kim Young Hoon. Kim Sung Hoon is the real name of  Ha Jung Woo, while Kim Young Hoon is the name of his biological younger brother.

Propofol is used as a sleeping pill and anesthetic and is classified as a psychoactive drug in South Korea, making it illegal to use other than surgical procedures.

Responding to the report, the Walkhouse Company that oversees Ha Jung Woo immediately gave their official statement.

The agency confirmed that the actor was Ha Jung Woo. However, the agency denied that Ha Jung Woo used propofol illegally, because he used the drug when having laser surgery to remove scars on his face.

The film stars ‘Along with the Gods’ and ‘Ashfall’ have did a laser surgery for about 10 times from January to September 2019. Every time a surgical procedure is occured, the doctor recommends that the patient be anesthetized using propofol.

Regarding the use of his brother's name, the agency said that the clinic asked Ha Jung Woo to always wear a mask and cover his face when going to the clinic in order to keep patients confidential.

The clinic also requested information about his brother and manager. Even though Ha Jung Woo did not intend to hide his identity, he still provided the information without knowing the clinic's purpose.

The agency also mentioned that there was evidence of a short message between Ha Jung Woo and the clinic, so they would submit the evidence to the police and promised to cooperate in the police investigation.

Lastly the agency said that Ha Jung Woo felt guilty and apologized to the fans for causing the misunderstanding. (

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