GFRIEND Breaks Their Album Sales Record with ‘回: LABYRINTH’
GFRIEND broke their own record with a new album sales titled ‘回: LABYRINTH’. On Monday (02/10), the Hanteo Chart announced that GFRIEND had the highest number on album sales in the first week.

According to Hanteo's calculations, the mini album ‘回: LABYRINTH’ successfully sold 53,162 copies in the first week of release. This figure is higher than the sale of the mini album 'Fever Season' in the first week of 2019.

In addition, the mini album '回: LABYRINTH' also sold 29 thousand copies on the first day of release, making it the highest selling GFRIEND album on the first day of release since 2015.

Along with the mini album ‘回: LABYRINTH’, GFRIEND also released and promoted the main song titled ‘Crossroads’.

Congratulations to GFRIEND and Buddy! (

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