Cube Entertainment's Founder Give Statements on Sajaegi Issues
Cube Entertainment's founder gave his statement about sajegi issue which some time ago was widely discussed. The statement was made by Hong Seung Sung as the founder of Cube Entertainment, through his Twitter account.

He wrote, "Everyone experiences emotional distress because of the corona virus, right? Even in this difficult time, director Bong Joon Ho's victory at the Academy Awards and BTS's popularity still managed to shake the world."

"I am writing this because although there is happy news that needs to be celebrated, there is also sad news."

"K-Pop, which was built with the hard work and passion of the musicians, is currently running towards the center of the world, but our local music industry is actually having an embarrassing problem."

"Digital music charts, which are supposed to stand in front of the music industry, have instead become puppets of chart manipulation, and they are now 'sajaegi charts'."

"As a musician, I can't just stay still and watch, so I make this request. 'To the prosecutors and police, for the development of the South Korean music industry, which is more than 100 years old, I ask that you lend your ears to listen to our small voices,"
he wrote.

At the end of last year Hon Seung Sung also briefly talk about sajaegi, after Block B's Park Kyung wrote down the names of singers who he considered to have taken action on the South Korean music chart. (

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