B.I Secretly Donates 10 Thousand Masks for Fans in China
B.I has secretly donated 10 thousand masks to his fans in China. Even though B.I had asked his fans not to announce it to public, B.I's fan cafe kept posting this announcement because they wanted to show their noble attitude to the whole world.

As the fan cafe wrote, "Even though he asked us not to tell us about his actions, we couldn't find words that could describe his noble attitude so we decided to announce this."

"He said,‘ The prize I received the most was a mask. I use it to cover my face every day. But now, I want to return this mask to those who love me'."

"Someone we really care about says that he returned this mask to protect us even though he used it to cover his face in public. He has donated masks to protect people around the world who care about him."

"We ask for your help as we will also try to deliver this mask to those in need. We end this article in the hope that his positive influence can protect the people he loves,"
the fan cafe wrote.

B.I later avoided public scrutiny after involved in a drug scandal and leaving iKON last year. (www.onkpop.com)

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