Appearing at TWICE Concert, JYP Entertainment Updates Mina's Health Conditions
JYP Entertainment gave their statement regarding TWICE's Mina health condition. On Tuesday (02/11) yesterday fans were shocked by the appearance of Mina at TWICE concert which was held in Fukuoka, Japan.

As fans know, Mina has started to vacuum since July 2019 due to being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Even so she has appeared several times in the event, including the most recent one at the concert 'TWICELIGHTS' yesterday when TWICE was performing the song 'Feel Special' on the stage.

Regarding her health condition, on Wednesday (02/12) JYP Entertainment commented, "Mina's health condition has become more stable. Her future activities will be carried out with careful consideration of Mina's health condition."

You can watch Mina's performance at TWICE concert yesterday through the following video! (

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