A Famous Actor in Korea Was Investigated for a Drug Case
A well-known actor in South Korea is reportedly being investigated by police over a drug case. The actor, called as 'A', was caught on suspicion of using a propofol drug.

SBS News recently reported that the police are currently investigating 10 people, after they received a report that there is a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam that provides propofol to his patients.

'A' is one person whose picture is on display at the clinic. When examined, 'A' said, "It's true that the clinic gave me anesthesia, but I never asked them to give more doses."

In addition to 'A' who is said to be a well-known actor, the police are currently also investigating several other well-known figures ranging from the head of the agency, the designer, and many more. (www.onkpop.com)
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