YG Entertainment Explains B.I's Role in iKON's 'i DECIDE' Album
YG Entertainment gave their explanation about iKON's latest album, entitled 'i DECIDE'. As iKON fans know, this boy group has been scheduled to comeback with the mini album 'i DECIDE'.

This will be iKON's first comeback since B.I was confirmed to leave the group in 2019. Now on Wednesday (01/29), YG Entertainment gave their official statement which contained an explanation of the album 'i DECIDE'.

The agency said, "The latest mini album of iKON which will be released on February 6, 2020 contains five new songs. This album was recorded in early 2019 with the aim to be released in mid-2019."

"However, due to the sudden departure of B.I, who is the group's leader and producer, in the middle of last year, the release of their new album had to be postponed. The agency held discussions internally to discuss how to use the finished product in early 2019."

"There are two main problems. The first is the choice to exclude all the songs that B.I wrote and produced. However, it is impossible not to consider iKON's comeback time because they are worried that they will be vacuumed for a long time."

"The second is the choice to exclude all B.I rap parts of the song and compose new melodies that will be recorded by other members. It will also complicate the order and balance of the members' parts of the song and require a process to decide the parts of the six members, the order and having to re-record. After a long discussion, the members and agencies agreed to use both options."

"Because the song used was not written by B.I only and was written by him with YG's internal producer, we decided to keep using it with some changes. We also ask other members to participate in the production and add new songs by other members who participated as producers for the first time through this album."

"We feel not only guilty towards B.I, but also against the six members of iKON who lost their leaders. We also feel very guilty towards the fans for not being able to look after them well."

"Even though this is a late regret, YG will not hold back from giving and investing everything we might do in order to protect the remaining six iKON members."

"We will work hard to respond with gratitude and consider the feelings of fans who always show their support and love. Please provide lots of support for the first step of the six iKON members who will start over. Thank you,"
the agency closed. (www.onkpop.com)

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