ITZY's Yeji Revealed Has Ever in a Seriously Ill Until Almost Unhelped
ITZY's Yeji held a V Live broadcast today, Friday (01/24). She share heartbreaking stories with fans. Yeji told that she had been so ill when she was a child till her mother thought she would not survive even has hospitalized.

In the V Live broadcast, Yeji revealed to fans that she had attacked by flu when she was 8 years old. Despite taking medicine, her condition did not improve. One day, Yeji became so sick and weak that her mother took her to the hospital in Jeonju.

Because of her condition, Yeji often sleeps due to weakness. When she woke up in the hospital, she saw her mother crying. But when she asked what was wrong, her mother choosed not to answer and told her not to worry.

The next day, Yeji's grandfather came from Seoul to Jeonju and took Yeji to a better hospital in Seoul. After undergoing the test, Yeji was found have atopy, pneumonia, and osteomyelitis.

Atopy is a condition that causes hypersensitivity to allergens. This may be the cause of Yeji's flu developing into pneumonia and osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis is a rare but serious bone infection. Pneumonia, an infection that fills the lungs with fluid, is the leading cause of death in the world for young children.

It's hard for doctors in Jeonju to find the right antibiotics for Yeji. They want to do a surgery but they know it will be dangerous because Yeji was still too young.

Fortunately, the hospital in Seoul found the right medicine. Instead of large surgery, doctors can do smaller procedures. The doctors showed Yeji all the buildup of fluid they had removed, letting her know that she was finally survived.

Yeji was hospitalized with this condition for about a year. When Yeji finally asked her mother why she cried that day, her mother revealed something shocking. That's because the doctor told her to mentally prepare for the worst. Because the proposed surgery would be difficult on Yeji's young body, there was a possibility she would not survive.

At that time, Yeji did not know her illness was so serious. Fortunately, Yeji is able to survive and become an idol like now. Yeji revealed that she rarely fell ill since suffering from this serious illness. (

ITZY's Yeji Revealed Has Ever in a Seriously Ill Until Almost Unhelped
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