HyunA and DAWN Start 2020 with Kissing, Here is Netizens Comment
HyunA and her boyfriend, DAWN have been in a relationship since 2016, but announced it to the public in 2018. At that time, both received a lot of opposition from both fans and old agencies.

Even so, HyunA and DAWN proved that their relationship is strong. The couple are often showing off their relationship through posts on social media.

Wednesday (1/1) right after midnight, HyunA shared a new post on her Instagram @hyunah_aa account. The post contained a video in which the 1992-born singer again showed intimacy with her boyfriend.

In the uploaded video, HyunA kissed DAWN's cheeks then both kissed. They then walked into the waiting room and wished the staff a happy new year. HyunA's post is the topic of discussion by netizens.

"I like it because they still maintain a good relationship," 

"They are compatible with each other... DAWN really looks like a nice guy... They have beautiful love and they do a lot of good things,"

"I'm an ahjumma in my 50s and I'm a fan of HyunA. I'm happy to see their beautiful love," 

"They are really compatible with each other ... It would be good if they got married. They were very harmonious. Happy new year. I hope you two will be more successful," (www.onkpop.com)
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