Hundreds of Fans Gathered in Front of the CJ ENM Building Asking for X1 to be Reclaimed Hundreds of fans have gathered in front of the CJ ENM building asking for X1 to be reclaimed. On Wednesday (01/22), more than 800 fans gathered outside CJ ENM's main building located in Mapo-gu, Sangnam-dong.

A representative from One It who was present at the location came forward and voiced, "We ask CJ ENM to be responsible for X1. CJ ENM continues their K-Pop business without giving compensation to X1, the true victim of voting manipulation. We cannot let CJ ENM call themselves K-Pop and Hallyu leaders when they fail to take responsibility for X1 disbanding."

Furthermore, these fans requested that CJ ENM announce their X1 debut lately on January 31st and asked CJ ENM to arrange a meeting involving the respective X1 member agencies on February 7th.

While X1 fans in South Korea rallied in front of CJ ENM's office, currently One It around the world is flocking to make trending topics with the hashtags # BringBackNewX1 and #CJTakeTheResponsibility on Twitter. (

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