Goo Hara's Brother Sent a Sad Birthday Greeting For His Sister
In the end of the year, Goo Hara was found tragically dead at her home. Although her profile says that her birthday is January 13, Goo Hara was actually born on January 3.

Goo Hara's brother took the time to send sweet messages to her little sister on her special day. He shared Hara's photo with a heartbreaking birthday wish.

"Every year around this time, I send a message to celebrate, but this is the last time. Happy birthday. I wish you happiness and laugh happily without worrying," wrote Goo Hara's brother.

The photo accompanying his post is a picture of Goo Hara blowing candles on a cake. In the photo, Hara looks very happy.

Goo Hara will celebrate her 30th birthday this year. Many fans who miss her have left comments on her last Instagram post to celebrate her birthday.

Meanwhile, Goo Hara died at her home in Cheongdam area, Seoul, at around 6 pm local time on Sunday (11/24). This KARA's former member was found in a lifeless condition by her household assistant. Although not revealed in detail, Hara is strongly suspected of suicide.

Following the obituary, a chat between Goo Hara and her brother was revealed. On November 27, Hara's brother revealed one of the last KakaoTalk chats that contained his worries after Sulli's death. 

This conversation between Goo Hara and her brother immediately caught the attention of netizens. Many said they were sad to see how much his brother cared for Hara. (

Goo Hara's Brother Sent a Sad Birthday Greeting For His Sister

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