BIGBANG's Daesung is Stated Not Guilty In Illegal Business Cases in His Building
BIGBANG's Daesung has been found not guilty in an illegal business case that occurred in his building. In July 2019, Channel A exclusively reported that the building owned by Daesung was involved in the night entertainment business illegally.

Then in December 2019 Daesung was summoned to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station to be examined as a witness in the case, after a search and seizure had been carried out before.

Now on Thursday (02/01), Daesung has been found not guilty in this case and he will not get any lawsuit.

During questioning Daesung admitted that he had no knowledge of illegal business including prostitution services in his building and the police did not have enough evidence to establish him as the perpetrator.

Even so, on January 3, 2020 tomorrow the police will still hand over 56 people involved in 5 illegal night entertainment businesses in Daesung's building to the prosecutor's office, with recommendations of indictment without detention.

The police also asked the Gangnam District Office and the local tax office to immediately crack down on the illegal business. (
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