Apink's Eun Ji Response When Asked About Her Dating Rumors with X1's Han Seungwoo
Recently there were rumors circulating about Apink's Eun Ji and X1's Han Seungwoo reportedly seen dating. However, Play M Entertainment as the agency denied the rumors of their dating stating that both were only seniors and juniors who were close.

During the "Gayo Plaza Jung Eun Ji" radio broadcast today, Thursday (2/1), one of the listeners sent a message alluding to the rumors of her love affair with Han Seungwoo. The listener wrote, "Unnie, I heard your boyfriend is very handsome. Please show off your partner's ring."

Instead of immediately denying firmly, Eun Ji gave an unexpected response. "When will this happen in real life?" she replied with a laugh.

Han Seungwoo who is currently have promotion with X1 is part of Victon, a boy group made by Play M Entertainment who also Apink's agency. The two groups are often gather around together and supporting each other. Eun Ji was even seen often taking pictures and interacting with Victon members including Han Seungwoo.

On the other hand, rumors of dating Eun Ji and Han Seungwoo get various comments from netizens. Many questioned the agency's statement which did not dispute that the figures in the photo were Eun Ji and Han Seungwoo. Some also gave negative comments.

"So the agency confirmed that the photos in circulation were them,"

"If he is dating a woman at this time, it is clear that the fans will go crazy. Whether they date or not, it will definitely cause a misunderstanding," 

"He knows the situation is bad, but I praise Han Seungwoo for his courage to go out with Eun Ji in broad daylight. If this is not ignoring his fans, then what? Thank you for stabbing fans in the back," 

"I heard that Han Seungwoo was with his manager at the time, but the manager was not seen in the photo, several fake Dispatch accounts uploaded it, and that was controversial," (www.onkpop.com)
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