CLC's Sorn Finally Apologies After Being Accused of Racist Posts
CLC Sorn's Instagram post is a concern because it is considered racist. The photo of her with three male friends in which one of them wore a black leather mask.

Following the post, Sorn uploaded a second post where she wrote, "Sometimes some people just gotta chill. I'm not stupid." Inevitably, the Thai idol has drawn a lot of criticism from netizens.

With both posts, Sorn is considered ignorant and does not admit mistakes. Responding to the insistent criticism she received, the owner's full name Chonnasorn Sajakul shared other posts containing apologies.

"Hey everyone, in light of recent events, I sincerely apologize for my actions. Specifically, I am sorry for being culturally insensitive and in no way was I trying to intentionally offend anyone. In hindsight, I am realizing how this phtoo could have offended others."

"I am genuinely sorry, and will reflect upon my mistakes. I am not asking for anyone's forgiveness but I am writing this message to say that I know how much people are hurt by the picture I posted last night."

"I understand that people are allowed to feel and I am in no way expecting the people I offended to forgive me. Sorry guys and I'll make sure it doesn't happen again in the future. Sorry for disappointing you Cheshire." she concluded (

CLC's Sorn Finally Apologies After Being Accused of Racist Posts

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