AOA's Hyejeong and Actor Ryu Ui Hyun Confirmed Has Broke Up
One more South Korean celebrity couple who have ended their relationship. On Monday (12/23), AOA's Hyejeong and actor Ryu Ui Hyun were confirmed recently broken up.

Responding to reports of the end of their relationship, FNC Entertainment as Hyejeong's agency stated, "Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun have broken up recently. We don't know the exact time and the reason they both broke up."

Meanwhile, Wayzcompany as Ryu Ui Hyun's agency said, "We heard that Ryu Ui Hyun and Hyejeong broke up recently. We don't know why they broke up because it was their personal business, but they have decided to keep supporting each other."

Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun were first confirmed dating in April 2019. At that time the two were rumored have been dating since December 2018 after meeting on the web drama set. (
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