Will Release 'Fake and True' Music Video Soon, Twice Reportedly Will Comeback Again In The End of 2019
TWICE is arguably one of the young girl groups. But this JYP Entertainment's group is already quite active and has released a number of songs and albums in South Korean music industry. On Thursday (10/17), the nine-member idol group also will release their latest MV for the song "Fake and True" for their Japan album.

This song is the main song from their second Japanese album which will be released on November 2019. The MV "Fake and True" was made with cheerful concept and energetic dance. Although just released the latest music video, reportedly TWICE has been reported to comeback at the end of 2019 later.

This was stated by Hana Financial Investment Corporation. Where they say if TWICE not only prepares their second Japanese album but also prepares a repackaged album which will be released in the fourth quarter of 2019. This step was taken by the agency to maintain a large profit from the third quarter of 2019.

Where currently JYP Entertainment's income is quite helped by a number of tours by TWICE and ITZY's comeback schedule. Many fans suspected that TWICE's comeback plan at the end of this year was their usual annual agenda.

As is known if TWICE is accustomed to releasing albums at Christmas moments. The group that debuted in October 2015 usually repackaged the album without a series of promotions. Like last year where they also repackaged the album "The Year of Yes" at the same time.

Twice is also known as one of the idol groups who only need several months in making a comeback. They have just been reported to get new achievements in K-Pop industry. 

The music video titled "Feel Special" which was released on September 23 at 6 pm KST has 100 million views. Even TWICE managed to break their own record on "Fancy". (www.onkpop.com)
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