Ulzzang Transgender Jung Da Eun Said MONSTA X's Wonho Not Yet Paid Debt, Here is Agency's Responds
A former ulzzang or now known as a transgender model, Jung Da Eun said MONSTA X's Wonho had not yet paid off his debt.

Jung Da Eun and Wonho have being MCs on the Comedy TV variety show program ‘Ulzzang Shidae’ before he debuted as a member of MONSTA X.

On Tuesday (29/10), Jung Da Eun uploaded a recent photo on Instagram showing Wonho on television. While uploading the photo, Jung Da Eun wrote, "Ho Seok (real name Wonho), when will you pay your debt?"

Han Seo Hee who previously claimed to be Jung Da Eun's girlfriend then wrote a comment, "Return the 30 million Won owned by Da Eun."

Responding to the post, Starship Entertainment on Wednesday (30/10) stated, "The rumor is completely untrue and we plan to take legal action," the agency said. (www.onkpop.com)

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