Song Ji Hyo Be In The Same Agency as Girls Day Hyeri
Song Ji Hyo has now joined a new agency called Creative Group ING. The news about Song Ji Hyo's entry into the agency was announced directly by ING's Creative Group agency on Monday (10/14).

The agency said, "We are very happy to have Song Ji Hyo as a member of our family. We will provide full support to Song Ji Hyo by forming a special team consisting of experienced staff, so that she can be more active in promoting at domestic and overseas."

Last month, Song Ji Hyo was known to have just left the MY Company, after being at the agency for almost three years.

ING Creative Group is also known as an agency that houses one of Girl’s Day member, who is Hyeri.

Currently Song Ji Hyo is still a permanent member in SBS's 'Running Man' program and currently busy shooting her new film 'Daughter'. (

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