Photos of Sulli's Evacuation Being Spotlight, Netizens Ask SM to Give More Attention for The Artists' Mental Condition
According to the Seongnam Sujoeng Police Station, Sulli was found dead in her apartment in Seongnam by the manager on October 14 at 3:21 pm local time. Her manager last contacted her at 6:30 p.m. local time, the day before.

SM Entertainment as the agency released an official statement, confirming that Sulli passed away. The police stated that Sulli died of suicide due to suffering from severe depression. She hung herself in her house from the second floor.

The Fact media released photos as police evacuated Sulli's body from her apartment. Netizens who saw this claimed not believe that the idol had died.

Netizens also asked SM Entertainment to pay more attention to the mental condition of the artists considering Sulli's death was not the first suicide. As we know, SHINee's Jonghyun was also found killed by suicide on December 18, 2017 due to severe depression.

"SM needs to arrange psychological evaluations of all their artists now. They need to manage their artists consistently," 

"Of course it's not entirely the fault of SM but seeing that it happens again means that they don't care as an agency. Please take care of your artists now! Please don't repeat this again,"

"I'm sure SM was surprised by this too because they have been with the agency for more than a decade but please, from now on, please sue haters who spread hate. What is the point of having an agency? Do you really see artists as products? Start to maintain their mental health"

"Seeing this happened to Jonghyun, and now Sulli I'm worried about Taeyeon and Taemin. SM needs to take care of the mental health of the artists. Don't treat them as mere products," said the netizens. 

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment said that Sulli's family would carry out her funeral calmly. The process will not be open to the press, and this includes visits and carrying coffins out of place. Her family also stated that they did not want media coverage about visiting mourners. (

Photos of Sulli's Evacuation Being Spotlight, Fans Ask SM to Give More Attention for The Artists' Mental Condition
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