Manager Reveals Tell The Chronology Of Sulli's Suicide
Sulli's manager tell the chronology when he found Sulli committed suicide in her apartment. As we know, Sulli was confirmed passed away due to suicide in her apartment located in Seongnam on Monday (10/14).

When questioned by the police, the manager said, "I last talked to her last night around 6:30 p.m. After that I didn't hear anything from her so I went to her apartment and found her dead."

At that time her manager found her body at around 15:21 South Korean time and immediately contacted the emergency number.

The medical team then came to the location and found Sulli had died, with the discovery of signs of heart failure and post-death paralysis. They then submitted the case to the police.

The police themselves have confirmed that Sulli died after hanging herself from the second floor. (
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