Kyulkung Reportedly Will Absent From IOI Reunion, Comeback Plan Possibility Canceled?
One of the girl groups made by "Produce 101", IOI gained so much popularity while still promoting. But unfortunately, IOI must officially be disbanded in 2017 due to contract constraints. But it did not make them lose their fans and they were confirmed to making a comeback reunion.

IOI is confirmed to comeback with 9 member. Jeon Somi and Yoo Yeonjung were not be able to participate in the comeback because they were busy with their own schedules. But the reunion comeback plan originally scheduled for November must be postponed until next December.

The postponement is intended to ensure that their albums are of high quality. But recently, fans have again gotten less than pleasant reports. A report states that former Pristin member Kyulkyung may also not be able to participate in the IOI reunion plan.

The report said that Kyulkyung's absence was due to her busy schedule in China. In addition, one member of Weki Meki, Choi Yoo Jung was recently reported absent. This is because Fantagio Entertainment announced that Choi Yoo Jung will take a temporary break from Weki Meki's activities due to health problems.

That way, IOI will likely do a reunion with 7 members. This makes fans less and less enthusiastic. In addition, IOI's comeback plan was also influenced by the controversy of the "Produce X 101", "Idol School" voting manipulation, and even the entire Mnet survival event.

One insider told the media that CJ ENM was not currently discussing the potential for an IOI reunion. Besides the reduced members make this comeback plan more complicated.

"There is no more discussion about IOI reunion that is currently taking place with CJ ENM. With Jeon Somi, Yoo Yeonjung, Choi Yoo Jung, and Kyulkyung who are not participate, the motivation of many people is diminishing," said the source.

IOI itself officially disband in 2017 after the contract ended. Although only promoting a short time, but this group successfully win many awards. IOI won the "Rookie Artist Award" at the 2017 Golden Disk Awards and "Best Female Group" at Mnet Asian Music Awards (2016 MAMA). (
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