Ku Hye Sun Say Her Condolences to Sulli, Here is Netizens Response
Today on Monday (10/14), public was shocked by the news of Sulli's death. According to Seongnam Sujeong Police Station, Choi Jinri as known Sulli was found dead by the manager at 2:30 pm local time.

Police also investigated the cause of Sulli's death. A police official stated that Sulli was suffering from severe depression and ended her life by hanging herself in her apartment from the second floor.

Shortly after local media reported that Sulli died, Goo Hye Sun uploaded a new post on her Instagram account. Through this post, the actress delivered a message for Sulli.

"I love you" wrote Goo Hye Sun on the post's caption. The posting of the star "Boys Over Flowers" itself is a photo with the words, "Dear Sulli, good night. I love you."

Goo Hye Sun's post immediately caught the attention of netizens. Responding to the post, netizens reminded each other not to make negative comments.

"Don't write bad comments on her, please don't,"

"All who blaspheme Goo Hye Sun are the same,"

"Please hold on," said another.

"She also needs to be on guard against depression"

"Please don't write bad comments,"

"Don't be cruel to Goo Hye Sun. Mind your own business," added another. (www.onkpop.com)

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