Korean Netizens' Reaction After Sulli Was Found Died
Korean netizens are currently being shocked by the news of Sulli's death. As previously reported, Sulli was found dead in her apartment located in Seongnam. According to the police, Sulli was found dead after hanging herself from the second floor of the apartment.

Korean netizens absolutely shocked by the news, throw their various shock reactions. Some Korean netizens even criticized other netizens who had given negative comments to Sulli.

Like the comments seen on Naver's website:

"It was the media and the creators of evil comments who killed her"

"To all of you who make negative comments every time she says something, do you not feel anything?"

"All this time I thought that if she had a strong mentality, my heart is really break"

"Please stop making negative comments to celebrities, including for Goo Hye Sun and Lee Hye Won too. When you hide behind anonymous usernames and laugh at your nasty comments, these people get hurt compiling to read comments from you, just because they are celebrities. You are the reason why they came to such a decision. Sometimes criminal acts consist not only of physical violence, but hateful comments also constitute violence and crime"

"It's the bad comments that kill her, and most of our environment is always in conflict with negative comments. This is the fault with our country"
and many other similar comments. (www.onkpop.com)
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