IU's 'Peach' song is back on the Korean Music Chart to Commemorate Sulli
IU's 'Peach' recently re-entered the South Korean music chart. The song entered the music chart after Sulli reportedly ended her own life on Monday (10/14).

'Peach' is a song released by IU in 2012 on the album 'The Spring of Twenty'.

When releasing the song, IU said that she wrote this song for Sulli. She said, "I wrote the lyrics about Sulli from a man's perspective."

When starring 'Radio Star' in 2013, Sulli once said, "IU and I once brought a music program together, and she said she wanted to write a song for me. The fans call me 'Peach', so when the song came out, I asked her and she confirmed that the song was for me."

"The lyrics are all about praise, and the things IU usually says when she sees me," Sulli said at the time. Not only 'Peach', in 2015 IU also released the song 'Red Queen' which she also wrote for Sulli. (www.onkpop.com)

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