Comeback Time Close with IU and Taeyeon, Here is Heize's Response
Soloist Heize has just released the latest mini album titled 'Late Autumn' on October 13 yesterday. In her recent interview, she talked about various topics related to music and also competition on the charts.

Heize is known as one of the artists who have well performed on music charts, and she also talked about the pressure behind it. "I looked at the chart lately and realized that it wasn't easy. That's why I actually don't feel any pressure" she said.

She added, "For the first time, I just wanted to let everyone hear it (songs from the album), and this is the album that I worked on with happiness and satisfaction."

The female rapper also talked about a comeback around the same time as Taeyeon and IU, where IU will release an album in November while Taeyeon will comeback on October 22nd. When asked whether she considered the two soloists to be rivals, Heize said, "I don't think we can be rivals. I really thought that we would go a different way."

"Besides, they are artists that I admire and respect. I just feel amazed and honored that our names can coincide. I cannot influence them, and I am not affected by them either. I have also been waiting and waiting (their comeback)," she concluded. (

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