BTOB's Hyunsik Take Fans to Outer Space  in ‘Dear Love’ Music Video
BTOB's Hyunsik finally released his first solo music video entitled ‘Dear Love‘ on BTOB's Official Youtube channel on Monday (10/14).

The music video from his first mini-album, entitled 'Rendez-Vous', has been watched by more than 80 thousand views on Youtube in the past 5 hours.

This space-themed music video illustrates Hyunsik's figure in a cabin. In the cabin Hyunsik was seen doing activities like an astronaut. Interestingly, in this music video Hyunsik was met with a woman who made him fall in love at first sight.

Based on an excerpt from an interview from Koreajoong Daily, Hyunsik said that he was inspired to write songs from films he had watched. One film related to the music video this time is "Only Lovers Left Alive" which was released in 2013.

In addition, Hyunsik also said, "I really like watching videos from NASA or films related to space." Curious with the music video? Just watch the video below. (

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