Big Hit Entertainment Will Sues The Karaoke Place that Spread BTS Jungkook's Rumor Photo
Big Hit Entertainment is rumored to be suing karaoke place that involved in distributing BTS Jungkook 's photos. Based on an exclusive report from YTN Star media on Monday (10/14), Big Hit Entertainment plans to sue the perpetrators who have spread personal information about Jungkook during his vacation.

Jungkook is known to have visited Geojedo while on vacation on September 17 and met with his friends, including one of them being a tattoo artist. In the CCTV photos circulating, Jungkook appeared to be hugging the tattoo artist from behind, so rumors circulated that the two were dating.

Regarding the rumors, Big Hit Entertainment stated, "We apologize that Jungkook's private life during his vacation has been damaged and spread to the public. We will take strict legal action."

Previously, the tattoo artist who was involved in the rumors had also denied that he was dating Jungkook and claimed she was only his close friends.

Jungkook himself is known to have just completed a concert tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF' which was held at King Fahd International Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (

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