X1 Achieve a New Record with 'Quantum Leap' Album Sales in the First Week
X1 managed to aciheve a new record from album sales in the first week for their debut mini album. This Produce X101's boy group is known to debut on August 27 with the first mini album titled 'Quantum Leap'.

As of September 2, the mini album has sold more than 500 thousand copies on Hanteo. That makes it become the best-selling K-Pop debut album on the Hanteo website in the first week of release.

X1 broke Kang Daniel's record, which previously sold 466 thousand copies for the debut album 'Color On Me' in the first week since it was released.

In addition, 'Quantum Leap' also ranked seventh as the best-selling K-Pop album in the first week on the Hanteo website, right below BTS and EXO albums. Congratulations to X1 and ONE IT! (www.onkpop.com)
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