Jessica Reportedly Be Accused 2 Billion Won By Chinese Companies
Jessica is reportedly getting demands from companies in China. Based on a report on Wednesday (08/21), the former SNSD member was demanded to pay compensation by a company in China amounting to 2 billion Won.

In 2016, Coridel Capital Management as Jessica's agency signed a contract with two agencies in China to manage her promotional activities there. So that the company in China has Jessica's management rights until February 2019.

However, the two companies in China recently filed a lawsuit with the Beijing Court and claimed that Jessica did not fulfill her obligations according to the contents of the contract. They demanded that Coridel Capital Management pay compensation including contract costs, restitution fees, unpaid income, totaling 2 billion Won.

The report also stated that Beijing Court sided with the two companies after undergoing the first and second trial. While Jessica tried to submit the case to South Korean Court, the South Korean Court agreed to the decision that was issued by the Beijing Court in the first and second trial.

Now Jessica plans to appeal the case that is happening to her. (
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