Cause of Voting Manipulation Scandal, Various Brands are Hesitate to Contracting X1 as Commercial Advertising
Various brands claim to hesitate to sign X1 as their advertising star. This was caused by the controversy over the manipulation of 'Produce X101' voting, which has recently been rife with discussion, leading to cases being investigated by the police.

As a result of the controversy, many product brands have postponed or even canceled their plans to contract X1 members as advertising stars.

Representatives from the advertising industry in South Korea said, "Everything is being postponed after 'Produce X101' program ends. We are currently not in any discussion regarding sponsorship or advertising plans relating to X1."

Another representative said, "We chose not to do it. Because as you all know, lately there have been many negative issues about 'Produce X101' voting. For the time being there is still nothing to do. We plan to see the situation first."

Another resource person also said, "The negative issue is getting bigger. We must pay attention to the reactions of consumers. From the company's point of view too, they can't just decide."

"Maybe we will consider it again in the future, but at the moment the discussion is being postponed and the plan has been canceled. We also don't have a schedule for the photo session," he concluded.

Despite the controversy, X1 will continue their debut with the first mini album 'Quantum Leap' on August 27th next week. (
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