The Debut of TREASURE 13 is Rumored to be Delayed
The debut of TREASURE 13 is rumored to be postponed. Previously Yang Hyun Suk had said that TREASURE 13 will be debuted between May and July. But now after reaching the end of July, TREASURE 13 debut plan is still not heard.

On Wednesday (07/24), a guest speaker from the YG Entertainment agency stated, "Main producer Yang Hyun Suk, who has the power to arrange the debut of TREASURE 13, recently resigned because he was suspected of being involved in a prostitution scandal. Internally, the TREASURE 13 debut project has basically been postponed indefinitely."

When confirmed, the official representative of YG Entertainment only said, "We can't comment on that."

Not long ago the police have set Yang Hyun Suk as a suspect in the case of providing prostitution services to foreign investors. TREASURE 13 is a new boy group from YG Entertainment formed through the 'YG Treasure Box' program.

While on the other hand, the two former contestants 'YG Treasure Box' BX and Seunghun have now debuted first as members of the CIX boy group. (
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