Lai Kuanlin's Father Explained The Reason for Terminating the Contract
Lai Kuanlin's father explained the reason his son wanted to end the contract with Cube Entertainment. Recently, fans were made excited after Lai Kuanlin reportedly filed a contract termination with his agency.

Through Taiwanese media, Lai Kuanlin's father recently gave a statement regarding the decision.

He explained, "I am very grateful for the opportunity given by Cube, but there are some problems when we work together. The problem is from contract to Lai Kuanlin's health. As a father, I want my child to work in a good environment. Thank you for your concern."

Despite filing a contract termination with Cube Entertainment, reportedly Lai Kuanlin will continue his contract with Hot Idol agency in China.

Previously Cube Entertainment explained that there were no problems between them and Lai Kuanlin, so the agency planned to take legal action for the breach of contract carried out by the former Wanna One member. (
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